Q) What is your school doing for covid protocols to allow in-class teaching? 

A) See our covid protocols here

Q) How long till I hear back from WSET with my results?

A) Exams are couriered to WSET for marking the day after the exam. They usually take 4-5 business days to arrive. WSET then typically takes about 2 weeks to mark Level 1 and 2 or about 8 weeks to mark Level 3. Due to the pandemic these timelines are currently longer. For Remote Invigilation exams it is currently taking about 8 weeks to get results.

Online Courses FAQ

Visit our WSET Online Classes info page first to see if that answers your questions!

Q) Are wine samples included in the online wine course price?

A) No, wine samples are not included in online courses and are the responsibility of the student to purchase the samples suggested by their tutor.

Q) When and where do I take my exam for online courses?

A) Online Course Exam Options:

You will have the option to either sit the exam with a scheduled class (exams are run on the final class of any scheduled dates) or take the exam by Remote Invigilation.

In Class:  You can sit the exam with any level 1, 2 or 3 class in any of our locations. Please book 21 days in advance. See for upcoming class dates. Exams are on the final day of all scheduled courses. In-class exam fee is included in the course price.

Remote Invigilation: Alternatively, you can sit the exam through Remote Invigilation. Remote exams cost an extra $45. Remote exams must be booked with Wine Plus+ 28 days in advance and can be at any time you like (except between 10:30pm and midnight UK time). Click here for more info on Remote Invigilation exams from the WSET site.

Click here to purchase your Remote Invigilation exam. In checkout, please enter requested date, time and timezone under the “Order Notes” section.

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